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I just released an Anti-Aging PLR 5 Pack.  This pack contains 5 expertly written articles ranging from about 485 to 575 words.  The articles in this pack will be sold up to 100 times at only $5! This pack can be found HERE...

Writing By Michael


This page will have a writing sample from each of our writers so that you can get a good idea of their individual style and skill level. Please note that these are just examples and when you make a custom order you’ll get an article tailored to your very specific needs.

Michael (site owner)

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I should put up on my ‘examples’ page. At first I was just going to take an old article I used on one of my sites in the past. I figured it was well written, fun and informative and would give a good illustration of my writing style. Then I reconsidered because while it would be a good example of my writing, it wouldn’t really benefit anyone in any real significant way. That’s when I decided to write this article. Writing an article about why high quality writing is important would accomplish all my goals for this page. It would give you a good idea of my writing style, and also help benefit people who visit my page, and finally it would help drive more sales (hopefully). So…Here we go.

What’s the difference between a $5 article and a $50 or $100 article?

I’ve read hundreds of people over the years asking about why anyone would pay $15, $50 or even $100 for an article when they can get them written for $5 or less. Normally I just shake my head and browse to another page because some people just won’t get it. When I do answer, however, I try to explain the value of truly well written content. It goes beyond simply being free of grammar and spelling mistakes (though that alone is something you will rarely get even from a $10 article). Some key points to note about high quality writing include:

  • It fulfills a purpose for the author or customer (sales, following a link, sharing, syndication, ect).
  • It is written with the reader in mind.
  • It is formatted properly and easy to read.
  • It is engaging and will hold the reader’s interest to the last word

While these things are very important, they are really just the beginning. Things that should be included in every high quality article will be tailored to each individual article. In addition to the excellent, high quality article you’ll also be working with a professional who is not just looking to burn through orders as quickly as possible. Professional writers will take the time to work with you on your project to ensure it is exactly what you’re looking for.

It might be easier to compare two situations showing the differences between what you can expect from an average writer versus an excellent writer.

If, for example, you are looking to purchase content for your new site all about picture frames. The entry level and even average writer who will charge between $3 and $10 for a 500 word article will do several things with your order:

  • First, they will simply type as quickly as they can with little or no research on the topic. This is because at this price level they must rely on doing dozens of articles to make any real money.
  • They will do very little, if any research on the subject.
  • They will likely use the phrase ‘picture frame’ at least 3-5 times (often much more) in the article because they think the only type of writing is an “SEO Article” (not that there’s anything wrong with that type of writing).

If you’re lucky you’ll get the article in a few days and read through it and think something to the effect of, “Hmh…That looks fine”. That’s if you’re fortunate enough to find someone who is able to string together 500 words in a coherent way, which is a feat in and of itself when you’re outsourcing to the low price crowd.

If, on the other hand, you come to Writing-by-Michael for that same 500 word article about picture frames you’ll get something entirely different. We’ll work with you to identify the exact purpose of your article.

  • Do you need to inform your customers about a specific type of picture frame such as digital picture frames or antique picture frames?
  • Are you looking to sell a particular audience picture frames?
  • Are you looking for an SEO article to target the keyword “picture frames”?

Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for one of our writers will begin working on your order. This will include doing in depth research on your topic and learning what types of terms or phrases are used by people who are interested in picture frames. If you’re looking for an article that will help drive sales, we’ll use phrases that will motivate visitors to start reaching for their wallet. If you’re in need of an informational article to teach your visitors how to hang a picture frame, we’ll write using easy to understand concepts to teach them everything they need to know.

When you get the completed project delivered from us you will know that what you’re reading will push your business or site to the next level. You might even be tempted to pull out your wallet right there and try to buy a picture frame from us, but don’t worry, we’re not in that business.

The bottom line is despite what many people have said and believed for the past several years, writing is more than just the ability to toss some words together. It is a true art form that can mean the difference between success and failure in your business. Choosing the right team for all your content creation needs is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.








I’ll be putting up an article to show you my writing style shortly.  Until then please feel free to check out my writing style by downloading a free PLR pack here:


Thank you!

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