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I just released an Anti-Aging PLR 5 Pack.  This pack contains 5 expertly written articles ranging from about 485 to 575 words.  The articles in this pack will be sold up to 100 times at only $5! This pack can be found HERE...

Writing By Michael


Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions page.  I’ll try to answer any questions you might have about my services, PLR in general or just about anything else I do.  If there’s anything I’ve missed please just use my handy CONTACT ME page and I’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.


Q) Who writes your articles? 

A) Depending on which level of writing you request.  All writing is done by either myself (Michael), my site partner (also named Michael) or one of my hand selected writers.  I currently have four excellent writers who are all born and raised in the United States where they speak only English.   Check out the “my services” page for an exact breakdown of who writes which types of articles.


Q) Will I find your PLR packs sold anywhere else?

A) NO!  I do not include resell rights with any of my PLR packs, ever!


Q) Won’t your PLR articles get saturated on the internet causing them to lose value?

A) Nope, I limit the sales of each article in my PLR packs to a maximum of 100 (some much less!).  I do this to help ensure they hold their value.  Keep in mind also that many people who buy a pack won’t use every article so they will be even rarer.


Q) What if I am not interested in a full PLR pack?  

A) If you see a title in a PLR pack that you want as an individual article just contact me and we’ll negotiate a price.


Q) How long will it take to recieve my articles once I order them? 

A) All PLR packs have an instant download once the payment is processed through PayPal.  If you order a custom writing job we will negotiate a ‘due date’ based on how busy I am, how much work you’re ordering and the price.


Q) Do you have an Affiliate program?

A) Not yet.  I’m working on building up my library of PLR packs right now.  Once that’s done I’ll add an affiliate program.  The details of the program will be worked out at that time.  If you’re interested in selling articles for me now please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further.



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