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I just released an Anti-Aging PLR 5 Pack.  This pack contains 5 expertly written articles ranging from about 485 to 575 words.  The articles in this pack will be sold up to 100 times at only $5! This pack can be found HERE...

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Free PLR Pack

This is a special PLR pack that contains 5 professionally written articles in a variety of niches.  This pack is being given away completely free of charge as a way to both show my customers the quality of my writing and also to say thank you for visiting my site.

The only thing I ask in return is that you sign up on my e-mail list  so I can let you know when I release new PLR packs or am offering special deals.  Signing up is quick, easy and free.  Just enter your name and email in the box to the right, or at the bottom of this page and then click the confirmation link that will arrive in your e-mail box shortly.   The download link will be in the welcome email.

In this free PLR pack are the following articles:

  1. Internet marketing Tips for beginners – 536 Words
    This article is for the internet marketing niche and is perfect for helping new people learn about the basics of internet marketing.  It could be used as part of a welcome e-mail or as great content for any IM related blog or site.
  2. Office Health 101 – How to stay healthy working in an office environment – 690 words
    This article is for the health and weight loss niche.  It is a great article with several tips on how to stay healthy even when you work in an office environment.  With ideas on how to get exercise at work and cut down on calories this is a very helpful piece that can truly change lives.
  3. Symptoms of Yeast Infections – 550 words
    This article is for the general health or yeast infection niche.  It discusses the symptoms of yeast infections and gives tips on how to avoid or cure them naturally
  4. Are You really Eating for Two: A dietary overview for pregnant women – 395 words
    This article is for the pregnancy niche.  It discusses why it is important for pregnant women to eat properly for their own health and for fetal development.
  5. Tips for successful transplanting – 628 words
    This article is for the gardening and landscaping niche.  It discusses how to transplant trees, bushes or shrubs from one location to another without damaging the plant.  Perfect for any gardening site or blog.

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