Latest PLR Pack Release

I just released an Anti-Aging PLR 5 Pack.  This pack contains 5 expertly written articles ranging from about 485 to 575 words.  The articles in this pack will be sold up to 100 times at only $5! This pack can be found HERE...

Writing By Michael


Alright, so you’ve heard a million writers say just how great they are already right?  Why should you believe me?  Well, don’t!  Here’s a small sampling of what my current and former customers have said about my writing:

“Excellent Work!!! I would hire you again for this job and many others” – Tommy Dault

“Thank you so much for the extremely fast and very professional service!!!” – Robkilon

“Great articles >> This is my 4th order! Wait for my 5th and on, and on….” AndreKhrisna


If I’ve done any writing for you personally, or you’ve purchased any of my PLR packs and would be willing to write a quick review for me I would really appreciate it.  In fact, for a limited time only I’ll give you a 15% discount on your next order if you send me an honest review of my work!

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